I am Carolene!

I am a Professional Speaker & Moderator, TV Host, and Entrepreneur


I am an Accomplished Speaker

I have been the keynote speaker on a number of topics, and my life's journey has prepared me to speak in many areas, such as Miracle of healing, power of prayer, surviving domestic violence, a woman's worth, equality, civil rights, preparing for the future, career advancement, "Me Too," politics, leadership and more. I am also the founder of Carolene Mays Inspiring Leadership LLC and Black Leadership & Legacies Inc. 

I am an Experienced Speaker & Moderator

I am a formally elected Democratic official yet appointed by three Republican Governors. I have had successful careers in corporate America, family business, small minority business, as well as a State Representative, as a utility regulator overseeing cyber and physical security on the national level as a State agency head.

I am a TV talk show host. I am the founder of Carolene Mays Inspiring Leadership, LLC and Black Leadership + Legacies, Inc. I am a survivor of domestic violence and a ruptured brain aneurysm.


I am Inspirtation & Motivational

God motivates me. I want to tell of His power and glory!

Yes! Much has happened in my life, and I have made it through with grace and mercy! God is using my family and career paths and the lessons and challenges in my life for good - to lift others, to motivate, and to inspire.

Past Speaking Experience

I have experience speaking for many organizations, such as the following: